About Us

The Story

In late 2011, an idea was born to help landlords and property managers "upgrade" their management systems to be web-based, require no technical training, and be fun to use. And why not? Not only are almost 98% of affluent Americans online, but they average 30 hours a week online. Upgrade, as we soon found out for most landlords, meant closing Microsoft Excel, slamming closed the filing cabinets, and in some cases moving piles of papers out of the trunk of their car.

We were shocked at the lack of available online landlord software that truly helps independent landlords and property managers navigate the rental cycle.

How could there not be an amazing and simple end-to-end solution? Our friends complained to us. Our family complained to us. And we complained ourselves. Then in 2012, we said goodbye to our corporate jobs and sought out to create the premier property management software.

The Company

We believe that landlords and property managers deserve to have a solution that automates, organizes, and simplifies the process. This is why we developed and integrated the Rentalutions rental cycle model into our software.

With Rentalutions doing the thinking for you, you no longer have to remember handing a security deposit receipt to your tenant. You no longer have to dig around looking for the right lease templates - we'll give them to you.

So, whether you're trying to grow your property business, avoid making foolish mistakes that lead to costly lawsuits, or just trying to gain a room back in your house from your filing cabinets, our online software can help. You're not alone - Rentalutions is with you!


So, Where Do You Fit In?

We're always looking for creative minds to join our ambitious team. Think you have what it takes? Check out our job opportunities and convince us your innovative thinking and originality will be a valuable asset to our team.

Feel free to contact us at careers@rentalutions.com.