Tenants: Rentalutions Allows Bitcoin Payments

Use bitcoins to pay your rent.

If it can get you dates,
it should pay your rent.

What's Up?

Rentalutions is the first online property management company in the world to allow tenants to pay rent with bitcoins. Bitcoins are becoming more popular every day and tenants should be able to pay rent this way.

About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is an online currency that is the electronic equivalent of cash. The currency is growing in popularity and is being accepted by more businesses every day. In fact, the value of all bitcoins in circulation exceeds USD $1 billion. In August 2013, a Federal Judge in the Eastern District of Texas ruled that bitcoins are "a currency or a form of money". This ruling paves the way for greater regulation and adoption among individuals and businesses. To learn more about bitcoin and its background, we recommend checking out the bitcoin Wikipedia page.


Why is Rentalutions allowing rent payments with bitcoins?

We believe tenants should have bitcoin as an option for paying rent. We don't want this to happen to our tenants.

What caused Rentalutions to do this?

As bitcoins become even more popular, tenants will look for landlords who allow bitcoins. We make it easy for them to do so.

Do landlords have to accept bitcoins?

No. They can receive rent in bitcoins if they choose to. Otherwise, they will continue receiving USD.

Is there a cost to paying rent in bitcoin?

There is a small processing fee that will be assessed to bitcoin payments. Contact us for details or to schedule your bitcoin rent payment.

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