Pay Rent with Your Credit Card

Pay rent with your credit card.

Want to put rent on your card? Now you can!

How it Works

Rentalutions allows you to pay rent to your landlord using your credit card. Here's how it works:

  • 1) You create an account with Rentalutions using our form to the right.

  • 2) Add your credit card within your account settings.

  • 3) Call us at 312-508-3786 or email us at to schedule your payment.

  • 4) We'll send a paper check directly to your landlord and provide you a receipt for the transaction.

About Rentalutions

Rentalutions is a service that helps tenants and landlords better work together throughout the rental cycle. We offer tenants a portal to pay their rent online through credit card or direct debit so that tenants no longer have to dig around looking for their checkbook once a month. Tenants also have a portal to submit maintenance requests to their landlords where status can be tracked easily.


Can I trust Rentalutions to handle my rent payments?

We rely on Stripe, a third-party credit card processor, for credit card payments. Stripe is used and trusted on thousands of websites. Stripe is PCI certified to the most stringent level of certification available. All data is transmitted securely and encrypted before being stored.

Does my landlord have to be an existing Rentalutions customer?

No! You'll just need to provide a mailing address so we can issue a check to your landlord.

I don't want to pay 3% or 5% fees. How can I avoid those?

You can sign up to our direct debit service, which is free! To find out more about this, contact us at

When do I need to submit my rent payment by to get it to my landlord on time?

Typically, it takes 2-3 business days to process your rent payment and get the money to your landlord. Therefore, please allow a couple days before rent is due to schedule your payment.

Is there a cost to paying rent with my credit card?

Theres's a 5% fee added to the rent payment to cover the credit card expenses. If you're landlord is already a Rentalutions customer, then its only a 3% fee.

How can I invite my landlord to join Rentalutions?

Simply email us or call us with your landlord's contact information and we'll work directly with him/her to get them onboard.