Maintenance tracking software made simple.

Say goodbye to voicemails about clogged drains, phone tag with tenants about broken water heaters, and other apartment maintenance headaches.

With the Rentalutions property management software, landlord maintenance responsibilities have never been easier.

Receive requests.

Both you and your tenants can generate a maintenance request form.


Communicate with your tenants about the issue via Rentalutions.

Resolve the issue.

Once the issue is fixed, you can mark the ticket as closed. That’s it!

Our maintenance tracking software streamlines the landlord-tenant relationship. It’s easy for tenants to report apartment maintenance issues—and it’s easy for landlords to remedy them. Win-win.

Receive or create maintenance tickets easily. screenshot

Receive or create maintenance tickets easily.

Both landlords and tenants alike can create maintenance tickets.

Include photos with the description of the maintenance issue. Allow tenants to show you the issue before you even have to step foot on the property.

Forward requests to your contractor automatically so that your team can be on top of everything instantly.

Communicate with your tenants about the ticket. screenshot

Communicate with your tenants about the ticket.

Your days of complicated back-and-forth phone calls or emails about faulty garbage disposals and broken toilets are gone. Message tenants within the maintenance tracking software; it’s efficient, private, and logged within the system in case you need the records later.

Need help doing a repair? Don't have a guy? Rely on Yelp recommendations surfaced specifically to the maintenance issue at hand.

When you've addressed the issue, upload photos or receipts as proof of completion. Add an expense amount to the ticket to keep your financials in order.

Close the maintenance ticket. screenshot

Close the maintenance ticket.

Once the repair has been made, expenses tracked, and your tenants are happy, mark the maintenance request form as closed. All fixed!

Easily get an overview of all open and closed maintenance requests. See the latest message from your tenants at just a glance.

Rentalutions Answers

  • Do you help do any of the repairs or maintenance?

    We don't physically assist in any of the repairs, however, we do surface relevant contractors in your area that are specialists specific to the maintenance issue requested.

  • Can I have a contractor I typically work with receive these requests?

    Yes, absolutely. You can provide your contractor's email address and he or she will receive notifications whenever a request comes up.

  • Can tenants still call or email about maintenance requests?

    They can. And for emergency situations, they probably should still call. But for the other 90% of requests, our online portal is more convenient for both them and you.

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All the tools you need to be an efficient and profitable landlord.