Post online rental listings easily.

Create just one rental listing and post it across the web automatically. It’s really that simple.

Post your online rental listings across the web with one-click syndication to major rental networks. Reach more renters!

Add your property.

Add your property by entering the property's address.

Create your listing.

Complete a simple form to write a description and upload photos.

Attract tenants.

Reach and attract interested tenants across the internet.

Advertise your vacant rental property across the web all at once in minutes. See how easy it is!

Creating beautiful listings is a breeze screenshot

Creating beautiful listings is a breeze

You only need your property's address to get started so you can get up and running in under 30 seconds. We'll pull data automatically for you based on public records to give you a big head start.

Confirm we have the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms, write a short description of the property, and add some photos. Thats it.

Finding tenants is as easy as clicking just one button. With just one click we'll publish your listing to sites like Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads,, etc.

Reach tenants all across the internet with our partners screenshot

Reach tenants all across the internet with our partners

Your listing is synidcated across the web and allows tenants from all over to view the property online. They'll see your beautiful listing.

We'll show off your property's photos, general location, rental terms, etc. Tenants will love seeing what amenities and utilities are included.

Tenants will contact you directly from your listing by using our simple contact forms. Want them to call or email you directly. That's also no problem.

Accept rental applications directly from your listing as well. Why wait? Let interested tenants know your requirements and have them get started right away.

Manage your tenant inquiries and request rental applications screenshot

Manage your tenant inquiries and request rental applications

Track the dozens of leads you're getting from within your Rentalutions account. Reply to their inquiries with a quick note, or ask them to start the application process.

Rentalutions Answers

  • What does it cost to list my vacant rentals?

    It's completely free. Whether you have just one unit or 100s, it's completely free to post your listing and have it syndicated to our partner websites.

  • When does my listing get posted?

    This depends on our partner sites. Most of them fetch out listings every 30 minutes or sooner. A few come by just once a day. You should see your listing go live on all sites within 24 hours though.

  • How do tenants contact me if they're interested?

    Tenants can reply to your posting directly to you. You'll receive emails to the email address you created your Rentalutions account wth. If you provided a phone number, prospective tenants will be able to call you.

  • How do I know that my listing is being posted?

    You should begin receiving tenant interest within 24 -48 hours. If you do not, contact us and we can have our rental listing expert review your listing. No charge.

Listing Syndication Icon

Automatic Listings

We make it simple to post rental listings online to reach more renters. Just create one listing and we'll post it across the web with a simple one-click syndication to all major rental networks like Zillow and Trulia.

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Rental Applications Icon

Simple Tenant Screening

Instead of juggling the stress of tenant rental applications & tenant screening, use Rentalutions to request and review tenant applications online. It's never been easier to find and keep quality tenants.

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Credit Checks Icon

Credit checks

Obtaining credit checks can be a headache. Avoid the frustrations by using our streamlined software. Simply enter the tenant's email, wait for them to authorize the report, and soon you can review their full credit report online.

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Digital Leases Icon

Digital Leasing

Fax machines and paper are outdated. With our software, you can customize a digital lease and send it to your tenant to sign online. Goodbye fax, hello convenience!

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Online Payments Icon

Online Rent Payments

It should be easy to pay rent online, and to collect rent online. Finally, we've made it convenient to schedule rent due dates and track payments. Don't worry, it's secure too.

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Maintenance Module Icon

Maintenance Tracking

Let your tenants submit maintenance tickets online. Forward requests to a contractor or rely on one of our suggested contractors. No more midnight phone calls.

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All the tools you need to be an efficient and profitable landlord.