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Create and sign your rental lease online.

state-specific templates | digital signatures | intuitive process

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Never deal with paper again.

Nobody likes printing, signing, scanning, and faxing their lease forms. Renters are happier when they get online documents that can be completed in just a few minutes.

It makes you look good.

State-specific templates.

Let us help with the legal aspects of renting your property.

Start with our laywer reviewed template that includes essential protective clauses. Customize the terms, smoking clauses, pet clauses and even add additional riders.

No need to pay lawyers hundreds of dollars to do exactly what we do for free.

Includes disclosures.

Not sure what disclosures are required? Don't worry, we do it for you.

All required disclosures are included as part of the lease and signed digitally. Disclosures include lead-based paint forms and pamphlets, mold, bed bugs and more.

Automatically provide all required leasing disclosures.

Online process.

Faster and more transparent leasing.

Leases can be created, customized, routed and signed by all parties within just minutes. Know when your tenants have received the lease, when they've reviewed it and once its signed.

You can't spell l-e-a-s-e without e-a-s-e. Not its true for the process as well.

Digital signatures.

Fully enforceable and binding digital signatures.

Our signature blocks capture everything that's required to make the signature binding. Signatures are valid, traceable and binding. We follow requiremens set by the ESIGN act of 2000.

Get leases signed in clicks, not hours.

24/7 document access.

No more wall-to-wall filing cabinets. Online document storage.

We'll help you securely store and backup your fully executed lease agreements online. You and your tenants can access your lease agreements anytime direcly in your account.

Store and access the lease online day or night.

Your renters will love you for it.

View credit scores and allow your tenants to complete rental applications instantly.