Fast, easy online tenant screening and credit checks.

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The world's fastest growing automated, online tenant screening solution.

rental applications | credit reports | criminal background checks


Simplicity, but with all the features you'd expect.

Allow tenants to submit rental applications and authorize credit & background checks all online. Get done faster.

No more faxing, scanning & emailing back-and-forth. Just simple online forms.

Review online applications.

Collect, track & review - all in one spot, all online.

Request tenants to submit rental applications, track them and review them instantly. View a complete application and all reports immediately after a tenant clicks submit.

See all tenant applications side-by-side. Make the right choice.

Simple application form.

Tenants can complete the process in under 5 minutes

Tenants complete just a simple online form and you get a complete rental history, employment history, income verification, and contact information.

Having tenants apply has never been easier.

Full credit report.

Access to a full credit report and credit score

Once tenants authorize you to view their credit history, you'll have access to their full credit report, credit score, and trade account history.

Finanally, professional financial checks you can do yourself.

Residence histories.

Find out how tenants have been with other landlords.

Tenants provide 3 years or more of residence history along with contact information. A current employer and contact person must also be provided.

Now you can actually follow up on references. Know you're getting the best tenants.

Background checks.

Know Risk. Know Reward. Know Your Tenants.

A nationwide criminal history check is performed, leveraging data from all 50 states. Reporting includes national sex offenders check and SSN verification.

When its time to knock on their door about late payments, you'll be glad you did a criminal background check.

Accept applications.

With a click of a button, accept or reject applicants.

Finalize your decision to accept or reject tenants with just the click of a button. Create a digital lease for your approved tenants. Rejected tenants are notified via email.

Close the process properly by notfying applicants of your decision.

And its cheaper for your tenants. Win-win.

Tenants can share completed reports and paid-for reporting with as many landlords as they want for up to 30 days. Not only is it more conventient, but can save them hundreds of dollars.

Your tenants will be happy to not pay application fees over and over.