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Fast, easy online tenant screening and credit checks.

View credit scores and allow your tenants to complete rental applications instantly.

Enter your information and get your first application sent in less than 5 minutes. No credit card required.
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View Sample Reports

Click to view a sample of some of the important documents you'll receive after requesting an application through Rentalutions.

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Simple Form

Applicants complete a simple five-minute rental application form, all online, which includes at least 5 years of rental history, their employment history, and automated reference checks. The rental application questionnaire contains the most relevant questions that all landlords should know about their prospective tenants.

The best software available for Online applications

Renter Profile

Receive a tenant's complete Renter Profile, including more information about them personally and their entire rental history. This is the best way to get to know the prospective tenant more personally and beyond the typical, "Where did you live and for how long?"

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Residence Histories

Get a complete look at the applicant's entire previous residence history. Know where the applicant has lived in the past and how long the applicant typically stays put at each rental.

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Reference Checks

Let Rentalutions automatically initiate reference checks for you.

We'll contact each prior landlord automatically, so we can find out if the tenant paid rent on time and maintained the rental in good standing. It's easy piece of mind with our verified reference checks.

The best software available for Online applications

Employment Histories

Review current employer information as well as a full employment history. Know how long your tenant has been employed and if their current income allows them to afford your asking rent. It's simple to validate employment history with our required income verification process.

The best software available for Online applications

Instant Credit Score

Receive an applicant's most up-to-date credit information with real-time reports from TransUnion®.

View your potential tenant's FICO score in real-time and get an overall picture of the tenant's financial health. And good news for the tenant, reports are "soft" inquiries, meaning your tenant's score won't be adversely affected.

The best software available for Online applications

Full Credit Report

Access to a full credit report and history.

Once tenants authorize you to view their credit history, you'll have access to their full credit report, credit score, and payment histories across all of their accounts.

Finally, professional financial checks you can do yourself.

The best software available for Online applications

Background Checks

Know better tenants.

Tenant screening isn't complete with just a credit report. Ensure you're renting your unit to the right person with a comprehensive criminal background check. The criminal history check includes information from all 50 states, and it encompasses a national sex offender check and Social Security Number verification.

When it's time to knock on their door about late payments, you'll be glad you did a criminal background check first.

See why thousands of landlords trust Rentalutions to manage their online applications

I'm a landlord with three rental properties and Rentalutions is a godsend. I can easily invite tenants to complete a credit check. My tenants set up automatic rent payments which they love (and I love too). Their blog provides excellent advice every step of the way. And their customer support is amazing!

— Serrena Oak

Simple Pricing

Landlords Pay
Tenant screening is always free. All other features are free for your first unit. View our pricing page for more details.
Tenants Pay
For a detailed credit report and criminal history check from TransUnion®. Freely shareable, transferable to other applications.


  • What do I need to screen renters with Rentalutions?

    As a landlord, you'll need:
    • An e-mail address
    • A U.S. residential address
    • The renters' names and e-mail addresses
    As a tenant, you'll need:
    • Access to an e-mail address*
    • A social security number

    *Each renter must have a separate e-mail address for identity verification purposes. A husband and wife will need to apply to a property separately.

  • Does the credit / background check hurt the renter's credit?

    No. Our credit reports initiate a "soft inquiry", which doesn't negatively affect a renter's credit history. Our credit data is pulled directly from TransUnion® SmartMove, which is a consumer-initiated service, meaning the tenant initiates the release of their own credit data, which does not alter their credit score.
  • Do I need my tenant's social security number?

    No. Tenants are required to input their own social security number in our secure interface to retrieve their credit and background check. This is a far more secure option. At no time will a tenant be required to release their personally identifiable information to you. Their SSN is securely transferred to TransUnion with government-grade encryption only for the purpose of identity verification.
  • Is it free for landlords?

    Rentalutions is completely free for your first unit. It's an incredible value for do-it-yourself landlords who manage a single unit. To learn more about our pricing, view our pricing page.
  • Is there an application fee for my renters?

    Yes. We collect a one-time $45 non-refundable fee from the tenant in order to process their credit and background check. The report is available for the tenant to freely share with multiple landlords if you decide not to move forward.
  • How long does it take to get a completed application?

    As quick as 5 minutes, provided your renters are ready to sign up and fill out their application questionnaire. The entire process of retrieving credit reports and criminal history is automated, and is available 24/7. The tenant questionnaire should take about 10 minutes. Once the tenant identity verification step is complete, the tenant's information will be updated in your account immediately. You may also receive an e-mail notification that it is complete.
  • How does it work?

    It's super simple!
    1. Enter your renter's information and property info using the form above
    2. Ask the renter to check their e-mail, which will have a link to setup their Rentalutions account and complete the application questionnaire online.
    3. Enter the names and e-mails of any other renters you need to screen in your account.
    4. When your renters complete their applications, you'll receive an e-mail notification
    5. Review the information received from your renters' application. You'll then be able to make a more informed leasing decision.
  • What reports will I receive?

    Our rental applications include:
    • The renter's basic contact and profile information
    • At least 5 years of residence history
    • Automatic reference checks from prior landlords
    • Work history, current income and employment status
    • Full credit history provided by TransUnion®. View credit score, current accounts, payment history and debt obligations.
    • Full nationwide criminal background report provided by TransUnion®. Criminal history is listed by state.
    • Eviction search in all 50 states.
    • Income verification documents such as pay stubs
    • A rundown of pets kept by the renter