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Collect Rent Online.

Bringing convenience, security and transparency to online rent collection.
It's never been easier.

rentalutions online rent collection on multiple devices

Collect rent, security deposits and fees.

In less time than it takes to check on last month's rent, you can have your tenants automatically paying online.

Payment collection.

Collect payments for rent, security deposits, fees, etc.

Request and track all payments - including rent, security deposit and fees. Easily add move-in, move-out, late fees, and more. All payments in one spot.

Collecting rent has never been easier.

Tenant portal.

Tenants have their own portal to pay rent online.

The rent is NOT in the mail. No more checks, envelopes and stamps. Tenants can log in to their own account to view and schedule rent payments.

Tenants love paying online.

Automatic payments.

Allow tenants to schedule automatic payments

Tenants no longer have to worry about remembering to make their rent payment. With just the check of a box, payments can be setup up to recur each month automatically.

You can't spell l-e-a-s-e without e-a-s-e. Not its true for the process as well.


We'll send out rent receipts & reminders.

Tenants receive a receipt for each payment so they can confirm their payment has been sent. Automatic reminder emails are sent 5 days before rent is due and on the due date.

Paperwork and reminders on auto-pilot.


Know when rent has been scheduled.

Easily see when tenants have scheduled their rent and the expected date it will be deposited. We'll also notify you by email so you don't even have to log into your account.

Know whats going on and when to expect your rent.

Your renters will love you for it.

View credit scores, allow your tenants to complete rental applications instantly.