Your home has moved to the cloud, finally.
Consider us your digital roommate, but without the mess.

Everything you need to:

  • apply online with simple digital forms.

  • avoid paying application fees over and over.

  • pay your rent online in seconds each month.

  • access your leasing documents 24/7.

  • submit and track maintenance requests.


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The world's most convenient, online tenant portal for tenant screening, background checks, and more.

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Simplicity, but with all the features you'd expect.

One access point for everything related to your rental. Leasing, payments, maintenance - all just clicks away.

Giving you the peace of mind you deserve. Welcome home!

Online rental applications.

Create one renter profile and share it with any landlord.

With our standard rental application, you'll only provide information thats absolutely necessary and nothing more than that. Submit an application in just minutes.

Tired of paying application fees over and over? Now, pay just once and any landlord you authorize can view your reports. Never pay twice again.

View & sign leases digitally.

Review and electronically sign your lease in 5 minutes.

Trust in our standard leases and know that what you're signing doesn't include hidden clauses that will come back to bite you. Its now an even playing field.

No longer hunt down a fax machine just to send a signed lease. Sign it digitally from the comfort of your own home.

Online rent payments.

Schedule your rent payments online. No more checks.

Track all your rent payments easily. Schedule payments each month or setup automatic, recurring payments and let us take over.

Have roommates? Check that they've paid their share as well. Easily split rent with roommates and know when their share has been paid.

Maintenance requests.

Submit requests online. Track them to completion.

Submit maintenance issues online, where you can track them and hold your landlord accountable. You'll both have a record on whats outstanding.

Upload photos and provide running comments to help get work orders completed faster.

Build your renter profile.

All good deeds should be noticed.

You're making rent payments. The place is clean. You should get credit for this. Well, now you do. All the good deeds are built-into your renter profile.

Build up a solid renter profile, then share it with other landlords when its time to move and ensure that you get your dream home.

Access to your portal is free. Win-win.



We use bank-level encryption to guard our servers and automatically back up all your valuable data continuously.



Manage your rental property anytime, from anywhere in the world. Nothing to install or download. Just log in.



Use the features that are right for you, skip the others. It's all free, so use what you need with no worries.


Time saving

Designed to save you time. Automated processes. Professional forms and templates. Simplified task flows.



Fall in love with us in 30 days or breakup with us. No penalties. No setup charges. No contracts. No commitments.


24/7 support

Call us. Email us. Chat with us. Maybe not fax though. We're available whenever and however you need us.