Schedule your rent payments online. No more checks. No more mail.

Conveniently pay your rent online each month from the comfort of your home. Or set up automatic, recurring payments and turn on cruise control for your payments.

Paying rent online has never been easier or more secure. Tell us how much to pay and when - and it's done!

Invite your landlord.

Invite your landlord to set up a landlord account and within minutes you and your landlord can have online rental payments.

Schedule your payment online.

Tell us what amount and when to pay your rent. We'll withdraw the funds from either your bank or credit card and deposit directly to the landlord.

Turn on AutoPay.

Enable monthly autopay and we'll turn on cruise control for paying rent. Just sit back and relax.


Conveniently pay rent online from anywhere and on any device connected to the internet.

Paying rent is already painful enough. It shouldn't be a chore requiring you to find a checkbook, envelope and stamp, and then walking that to a bank or mailbox. Rent should be simple. And Rentalutions makes it simple. Pay online from the convenience of your home or office, anytime, day or night.

Payments are securely transmitted through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) and Federal Reserve.

All electronic payments through Rentalutions are cleared through the Federal Reserve, the gold standard for transferring money from one bank to another between unrelated parties in the U.S. Your account information is encrypted and kept secure so nobody but the Federal Reserve and your bank know your account information.

Pay rent from any of your checking or savings accounts. Or pay with your credit card.

Want to pay directly from your checking or savings acount? No problem. Want to pay via credit card? No problem. You can pay however is convenient for you.

Easily split rent with any of your roommates and track who has paid and how much.

Splitting rent with roommates is finally easy. Divide the rent amongst your roommates and track exactly who has paid and how much has been paid. Then pay your share.

Receive confirmation emails and receipts for every payment initiated through Rentalutions.

For every payment through Rentalutions you'll receive both a confirmation email as well as a final and official receipt of the transaction. You'll have clear records of your payments in case you ever need them.

Create just one renter profile and share it with any landlord in a single click. No more wasted time. And no more duplicate application fees.

Pay rent online with a credit card or directly from your bank account. Paying rent is now easy, and with auto-pay options, it can be hands-free.

No more printing, scanning and emailing lease documents back and forth. Sign your lease with your landlord online and save trees, and hours.

Submit maintenance issues through your portal and track them all the way to completion. Make sure your home is well-maintained.

Renting has never been this easy.